Where to find piglin Merchant ?

Thu Dec 8. 2022

Where to find piglin Merchant ?

There are many merchants in Minecraft Dungeons. Each one offers a unique experience, including the mysterious Piglin Merchant.

The Piglin Merchant offers gilded quality products in exchange for gold in Minecraft Dungeons' Ancient Hunts. It can be found in the player's camp after they have obtained at least one bit of gold from an Ancient Hunt.

The Piglin Merchant will be offering more trades as heroes complete more Ancient Hunts. The merchant is located at the player's camp in the Nether-like cave close to the Nether Portal. This seems fitting, as piglins are found within Minecraft's Nether.

The original illustration was shown to Minecraft Dungeons players in a Minecraft Dungeons Diary that covered the Flames of the Nether DLC. Since then, the Piglin Merchant is a constant fixture in the game.

It can live in the Overworld and not be subject to the zombification process. There are many theories about why. It trades gilded equipment for gold, which is very similar to the gold-loving ways that piglins use in other Minecraft titles.

The Ancient Hunts are the only time you can get gilded goods. If it doesn't drop during the hunt, the Piglin Merchant will help you find the right gear to build your hero.

The inventory of Piglin Merchant changes when players complete additional Ancient Hunts. It rotates in a similar fashion to other merchants in Minecraft.

Hero's that aren't keen to go on a hunt for certain items may be able to provide gold to the merchant to replenish its inventory. Although this can be expensive, gold is more readily available than emeralds and can help the merchant find the right item for the hero's needs.

Although not much is known about the Piglin Merchant's personality, it once tried to trade with the Luxury Merchant for some gold. For a single piece, it was willing to trade a baby chicken, meat and a fireworks arrow as well as a fishing rod.

The Piglin Merchant was disappointed that the majority of other merchants in this game traded with emeralds. So it was left waiting for heroes who would come along to offer it gold.