Schrodinger’s cat in Minecraft ? what ?

Sun Dec 11. 2022

Schrodinger’s cat in Minecraft ? what ?

There is an active Minecraft Reddit group where you can find all sorts of content about the sandbox game. These posts are popular because they feature innovative builds and designs, or simply because they are funny. This is a great community for Minecraft players, where they can discuss and post anything related to Minecraft.

Redditor 'u/Gamer_player_boi” posted a video showing how a cat became invincible when a player used a potion and redstone trick. The player created a contraption in which they placed two potions with healing and harming splash potions each. They placed the cat in the pit. Both potions would affect it.

The cat was affected by both harming and healing potions after they had started the redstone circuit. The healing effect caused the cat to turn red but it didn't die. The player recreated Schrodinger's cat. It wasn't actually alive or dead. They blew up TNT, but the mob did not die.

Schrodinger's cat, created by a Minecraft Redditor, gets players reacting

The post was flooded by Minecraft Redditors, who found the glitch to be funny and interesting. Over 15,000 people liked the video and there were hundreds of comments within a single day. The video was discussed by many people, from the cat to the accidental contamination of the slime and the creation of the contraption.

People noticed that the healing and harming potion also affected the slime. The redstone circuit was about to begin when a slime escaped the contraption, and was affected the same way as the cat. People laughed about how the player accidentally did the experiment on slime.

The cat was both affected by healing and harming potions. It was trapped in the middle, where it was neither dead nor alive. The cat was slightly dead, but it was still alive. Viewers shared their thoughts. The thread was kept going by viewers with funny comments about the mob's perpetual pain and so forth.

Many people discussed how Schrodinger's experiment was defeated when the player opened the box. People argued that the experiment showed that the player got the correct answer, which is that the cat is not alive or dead.

People also discussed the Minecraft bug, which allowed players to experiment on cats. The bug could also be used for survival and was included in Bedrock Edition. This is not confirmed as the original poster did not clarify the effects on players.

The post received a lot of attention and generated lots of discussion from Minecraft Redditors. Players continue to flock to the post to see the strange experiment in Minecraft.