Easy beginners for starters

Sat Jan 14. 2023

Easy beginners for starters

Achievements in Minecraft are a series that guides new players through various stages of gameplay and mechanics. These achievements are intended to help players learn the basics of Minecraft survival. As the name implies, achievements can also be used as milestones to make a player feel accomplished.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition contains 114 achievements. Some of these are guides to basics, while others are more fun and entertaining. The game's achievements add more content, which increases the playtime.

Minecraft is a top choice for beginners

5) Getting Wood

As a rule, players are instructed to gather wood as soon as they spawn a Minecraft plant. This is because it is the most essential starting material and can be used for building, weapons, tools, and other necessities.

Players must punch a tree using their fists to drop a block of wooden wood for this achievement. The player will receive the Getting Wood achievement by collecting that block.

4) Buy Hardware

Iron is one the most valuable resources in the game. Iron can be used to create all kinds of tools, weapons and armor. It even has sentries such as the Iron Golem. It is easy to find and mine iron ore.

This achievement requires players to transfer iron raw into a furnace, blast furnace, or furnace, and then smelt it using fuel. Then, they must collect the iron ingots.

3) Upgrade

There are six levels of Minecraft tools, weapons, and armor. Each tier has its own advantages. A stone pickaxe can pick up Diamonds faster than a wood pickaxe. An Iron pickaxe is also more efficient than a stone pickaxe.

To achieve this feat, players must craft a pickaxe from a better resource than wood. Pickaxes are made from two sticks and three planks of wood in the 3×3 grid on a crafting table.

2) It's time to farm!

Minecraft's most popular activity is farming. This is one of the best methods to provide food for your players. It is also very easy to build a farm. All you need to do to create a farm is a hoe, dirt and a water source block.

To achieve this achievement, the player must construct a Hoe. This is the tool that prepares the ground for sowing. Two wooden planks are required and two sticks to be used in the 3×3 grid on a crafting table.


The most desired resource in Minecraft is diamonds. They are also the second most durable, powerful and reliable resource after Netherite. This achievement is appropriately named as everyone in Minecraft exclaims the same when they find diamonds.

To achieve this achievement, players must mine diamonds with iron tools or better. You can use diamonds to make weapons, armor, and tools.