Curse of vanishing useful ?

Sat Jan 28. 2023

Curse of vanishing useful ?

Minecraft can be described as a massive game with many expectations. Minecraft's most exciting feature is its magical aspect.

Enchanting any item can have positive effects. Books, armor, weapons, and books are all common enchanted objects.

Enchantments can increase the stats of armor or weapons, but some are more powerful and freeze water when walked over.

Curse Of Vanishing is an enchantment that can apply to any item in Minecraft. It makes the item disappear when the person who applied it dies.

Curse of Vanishing does not look like other enchantments in Minecraft. You cannot apply it or get it from an enchantment tablet.

Items imbued with Curse of Vanishing are able to be removed from the world when a player dies.

To ensure that an item doesn't vanish, you can use the “gamerule” and set “keepInventory true to make sure.

Players can't remove the Vanishing Enchantment or Curse from an item using a grindstone.

How to get the Curse of Vanishing Enchantment for Minecraft

1) Chest loot

Players can loot any chest created naturally in Minecraft.

Books and gear from the Curse of Vanishing have a higher chance of being found in the bastion or ruined portal boxes.

2) Fishing

Fishing in Minecraft is a great pastime. These include fish such as raw salmon and pufferfish, as well as “junk” items like string, leather and rotten flesh.

3) Trading

Villagers who are Librarians can trade books infected by Curse of Vanishing to get emeralds and books.

The Cuse of Vanishing in Minecraft is a unique enchantment. This can be irritating rather than helpful.