Best damage enchantment in Minecraft

Mon Jan 30. 2023

Best damage enchantment in Minecraft

Minecraft's world is filled with mobs. Mobs can be found in all biomes and dimensions. Mobs are a valuable resource that can be used to beat the game.

After dying in Minecraft, almost every Minecraft mob will drop certain items. Many players farm mobs in order to obtain useful items. Players can kill mobs to get different items, depending on their mob.

Although most mobs can be killed easily, it is possible to have difficulty killing some. Enchantments make it much easier to defeat any mob in Minecraft. These are the top five enchantments to kill mobs.


Are you having trouble against groups of drowneds and swarms guardians? Make it easy with Impaling enchantments. This enchantment increases the damage to oceanic creatures.

Impaling can only be used on aquatic mobs and is therefore a niche enchantment. Impaling can only be used on the trident, an exotic weapon dropped by some rare drowneds.

4) Smite

Smite, like Impaling works against certain types of mobs. This enchantment was created to fight undead mobs within Minecraft. Smite does extra damage to all types of zombies and even skeletons.

Smite is an effective enchantment when fighting the powerful Wither boss. Each level of Smite does 2.5 additional damage to the weapon. Weapons with the level 5 Smite Enchantment deal 12.5 more damage to undead mobs.

3) Looting

Although looting isn't an offensive enchantment it is a necessary part of every weapon that kills mobs. One of the most important reasons to hunt mobs in Minecraft is item drops.

Mobs can drop more items with Looting Enchantment than they normally do after dying. The efficiency of manual mob farms is greatly improved by using the Looting Enchantment.

2) Power

When it comes to killing Minecraft mobs, Melee Enchantments are your best bet. Ranged enchantments, particularly Power, are not to be overlooked. Bows can access Power, which is one of the most powerful enchantments in Minecraft.

Bows are less damaging than melee weapons because they can be ranged. A bow can be deadly if it is equipped with Power enchantments. A Power V bow can deal damage of 12.5 hearts with a fully charged critical hit.

1) Sharpness

Sharpness, the strongest yet most generic enchantment for melee weaponry in Minecraft is called Sharpness. This enchantment increases damage against all Minecraft mobs. Sharpness results in an increase of 3 damage per hit.

It is much easier to defeat any mob in Minecraft with enchantments.