Schrodinger’s cat in Minecraft ? what ?

There is an active Minecraft Reddit group where you can find all sorts of content about the sandbox game. These posts are popular because they feature innovative builds and designs, or simply because they are funny. This is a great community for Minecraft players, where they can discuss and post anything related to Minecraft.

Redditor ‘u/Gamer_player_boi” posted a video showing how a cat became invincible when a player used a potion and redstone trick. The player created a contraption in which they placed two potions with healing and harming splash potions each. They placed the cat in the pit. Both potions would affect it.

The cat was affected by both harming and healing potions after they had started the redstone circuit. The healing effect caused the cat to turn red but it didn’t die. The player recreated Schrodinger’s cat. It wasn’t actually alive or dead. They blew up TNT, but the mob did not die.

Schrodinger’s cat, created by a Minecraft Redditor, gets players reacting

The post was flooded by Minecraft Redditors, who found the glitch to be funny and interesting. Over 15,000 people liked the video and there were hundreds of comments within a single day. The video was discussed by many people, from the cat to the accidental contamination of the slime and the creation of the contraption.

People noticed that the healing and harming potion also affected the slime. The redstone circuit was about to begin when a slime escaped the contraption, and was affected the same way as the cat. People laughed about how the player accidentally did the experiment on slime.

The cat was both affected by healing and harming potions. It was trapped in the middle, where it was neither dead nor alive. The cat was slightly dead, but it was still alive. Viewers shared their thoughts. The thread was kept going by viewers with funny comments about the mob’s perpetual pain and so forth.

Many people discussed how Schrodinger’s experiment was defeated when the player opened the box. People argued that the experiment showed that the player got the correct answer, which is that the cat is not alive or dead.

People also discussed the Minecraft bug, which allowed players to experiment on cats. The bug could also be used for survival and was included in Bedrock Edition. This is not confirmed as the original poster did not clarify the effects on players.

The post received a lot of attention and generated lots of discussion from Minecraft Redditors. Players continue to flock to the post to see the strange experiment in Minecraft.

Minecraft ravager guide

Ravagers can be found in pillager raids and are a strong, hostile mob in Minecraft. They can be difficult to deal with.

Without sufficient weapons and equipment, ravagers are notorious for biting and ramming at their opponents. There is another way to capture the angry beast.

The ravager can cause damage to some crops and foliage, but it is possible for players to put a fence around the creature and give it some permanence. Players can “keep” the raven contained, even though it is still hostile. To prevent it despawning, players can also apply a nametag to the Minecraft mob.

Minecraft: Capturing and containing the ravager

It can be dangerous and difficult to capture a ravager in Minecraft, but it is possible with careful planning.

A minecart is a great strategy to use when a village is being raided. It can both take out the ravager and place it in a place where it can be tagged.

Minecraft players must first create an enclosure to house the ravager. Because ravagers can’t jump over low blocks and are heavy-set, it is possible to create a stable using a gate or simply fence the mob in. As it may be necessary for the capture of a ravager to go wrong, make sure you have enough room to move around in the enclosure.

This is an optional step, but it’s very useful. Minecraft players can place minecarts at the end of the rail system that runs from the village to the enclosure by placing rails.

To send the minecart back into the enclosure, place a button or lever near the rail system. This will allow Minecraft players bait the ravager and ship it to its new location.

Players will want to grab their name tags if possible. The ravager won’t despawn if the player is too far away so it will be useful to have one. Players can keep the ravager occupied by applying one level of experience and a name to its name tag at the anvil.

Name-tagging a raven and keeping it in close proximity to a village will help prevent future raids at that location, unless the ravager is killed (though this could be fixed by Mojang in future).

You should also keep some armor and a shield nearby. A shield in Minecraft can be used to block ravagers for a few seconds. This will allow you to escape the mob’s range of attack.

The armor will absorb any damage that is done to the ravager in an attempt to capture them. This is a smart idea, considering how much damage they can inflict.

Easy beginners for starters

Achievements in Minecraft are a series that guides new players through various stages of gameplay and mechanics. These achievements are intended to help players learn the basics of Minecraft survival. As the name implies, achievements can also be used as milestones to make a player feel accomplished.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition contains 114 achievements. Some of these are guides to basics, while others are more fun and entertaining. The game’s achievements add more content, which increases the playtime.

Minecraft is a top choice for beginners

5) Getting Wood

As a rule, players are instructed to gather wood as soon as they spawn a Minecraft plant. This is because it is the most essential starting material and can be used for building, weapons, tools, and other necessities.

Players must punch a tree using their fists to drop a block of wooden wood for this achievement. The player will receive the Getting Wood achievement by collecting that block.

4) Buy Hardware

Iron is one the most valuable resources in the game. Iron can be used to create all kinds of tools, weapons and armor. It even has sentries such as the Iron Golem. It is easy to find and mine iron ore.

This achievement requires players to transfer iron raw into a furnace, blast furnace, or furnace, and then smelt it using fuel. Then, they must collect the iron ingots.

3) Upgrade

There are six levels of Minecraft tools, weapons, and armor. Each tier has its own advantages. A stone pickaxe can pick up Diamonds faster than a wood pickaxe. An Iron pickaxe is also more efficient than a stone pickaxe.

To achieve this feat, players must craft a pickaxe from a better resource than wood. Pickaxes are made from two sticks and three planks of wood in the 3×3 grid on a crafting table.

2) It’s time to farm!

Minecraft’s most popular activity is farming. This is one of the best methods to provide food for your players. It is also very easy to build a farm. All you need to do to create a farm is a hoe, dirt and a water source block.

To achieve this achievement, the player must construct a Hoe. This is the tool that prepares the ground for sowing. Two wooden planks are required and two sticks to be used in the 3×3 grid on a crafting table.


The most desired resource in Minecraft is diamonds. They are also the second most durable, powerful and reliable resource after Netherite. This achievement is appropriately named as everyone in Minecraft exclaims the same when they find diamonds.

To achieve this achievement, players must mine diamonds with iron tools or better. You can use diamonds to make weapons, armor, and tools.

Potion of luck review

There are many potions available in Minecraft. If they are used correctly, each potions can do different things and change the game. Each potions has its own brewing methods. Not all potions can be made using vanilla, normal methods. They are not available for all Minecraft versions.

The potion of luck is one such potion. It is not possible to obtain it through normal methods. It is not possible to find it in vanilla Minecraft loot. This is how you get it, and what it does.

How to obtain and use the potion luck in Minecraft

This feature is only available to Java Edition users of Bedrock Edition. The only way to acquire the potion of luck is to play on a Java Edition world and use the following command: /give @p potionPotion:”minecraft:luck” 1. The potion can be drank by players to bring them luck.

Luck is a status effect in Minecraft that increases the likelihood of a player receiving it to get better loot from specific loot tables within generated structures. Every generated structure and each chest have a loot pool. Each item has a percent chance to show up in the loot.

A diamond, for example, has a 59.9% probability of being found in buried treasure. This increases exponentially when you add the potion luck. This increases the chance of the player getting the best loot for a chest or structure.

This potion can also be used to help with fishing. Good items like saddles or enchanted books can be caught with a little luck. This can be achieved by using an enchanted rod that uses Lure III or Luck of the Sea III. Players should not have any trouble catching the best items in the game with these two enchantments as well as the potion luck.

Where to find piglin Merchant ?

There are many merchants in Minecraft Dungeons. Each one offers a unique experience, including the mysterious Piglin Merchant.

The Piglin Merchant offers gilded quality products in exchange for gold in Minecraft Dungeons’ Ancient Hunts. It can be found in the player’s camp after they have obtained at least one bit of gold from an Ancient Hunt.

The Piglin Merchant will be offering more trades as heroes complete more Ancient Hunts. The merchant is located at the player’s camp in the Nether-like cave close to the Nether Portal. This seems fitting, as piglins are found within Minecraft’s Nether.

The original illustration was shown to Minecraft Dungeons players in a Minecraft Dungeons Diary that covered the Flames of the Nether DLC. Since then, the Piglin Merchant is a constant fixture in the game.

It can live in the Overworld and not be subject to the zombification process. There are many theories about why. It trades gilded equipment for gold, which is very similar to the gold-loving ways that piglins use in other Minecraft titles.

The Ancient Hunts are the only time you can get gilded goods. If it doesn’t drop during the hunt, the Piglin Merchant will help you find the right gear to build your hero.

The inventory of Piglin Merchant changes when players complete additional Ancient Hunts. It rotates in a similar fashion to other merchants in Minecraft.

Hero’s that aren’t keen to go on a hunt for certain items may be able to provide gold to the merchant to replenish its inventory. Although this can be expensive, gold is more readily available than emeralds and can help the merchant find the right item for the hero’s needs.

Although not much is known about the Piglin Merchant’s personality, it once tried to trade with the Luxury Merchant for some gold. For a single piece, it was willing to trade a baby chicken, meat and a fireworks arrow as well as a fishing rod.

The Piglin Merchant was disappointed that the majority of other merchants in this game traded with emeralds. So it was left waiting for heroes who would come along to offer it gold.

Best damage enchantment in Minecraft

Minecraft’s world is filled with mobs. Mobs can be found in all biomes and dimensions. Mobs are a valuable resource that can be used to beat the game.

After dying in Minecraft, almost every Minecraft mob will drop certain items. Many players farm mobs in order to obtain useful items. Players can kill mobs to get different items, depending on their mob.

Although most mobs can be killed easily, it is possible to have difficulty killing some. Enchantments make it much easier to defeat any mob in Minecraft. These are the top five enchantments to kill mobs.


Are you having trouble against groups of drowneds and swarms guardians? Make it easy with Impaling enchantments. This enchantment increases the damage to oceanic creatures.

Impaling can only be used on aquatic mobs and is therefore a niche enchantment. Impaling can only be used on the trident, an exotic weapon dropped by some rare drowneds.

4) Smite

Smite, like Impaling works against certain types of mobs. This enchantment was created to fight undead mobs within Minecraft. Smite does extra damage to all types of zombies and even skeletons.

Smite is an effective enchantment when fighting the powerful Wither boss. Each level of Smite does 2.5 additional damage to the weapon. Weapons with the level 5 Smite Enchantment deal 12.5 more damage to undead mobs.

3) Looting

Although looting isn’t an offensive enchantment it is a necessary part of every weapon that kills mobs. One of the most important reasons to hunt mobs in Minecraft is item drops.

Mobs can drop more items with Looting Enchantment than they normally do after dying. The efficiency of manual mob farms is greatly improved by using the Looting Enchantment.

2) Power

When it comes to killing Minecraft mobs, Melee Enchantments are your best bet. Ranged enchantments, particularly Power, are not to be overlooked. Bows can access Power, which is one of the most powerful enchantments in Minecraft.

Bows are less damaging than melee weapons because they can be ranged. A bow can be deadly if it is equipped with Power enchantments. A Power V bow can deal damage of 12.5 hearts with a fully charged critical hit.

1) Sharpness

Sharpness, the strongest yet most generic enchantment for melee weaponry in Minecraft is called Sharpness. This enchantment increases damage against all Minecraft mobs. Sharpness results in an increase of 3 damage per hit.

It is much easier to defeat any mob in Minecraft with enchantments.

Curse of vanishing useful ?

Minecraft can be described as a massive game with many expectations. Minecraft’s most exciting feature is its magical aspect.

Enchanting any item can have positive effects. Books, armor, weapons, and books are all common enchanted objects.

Enchantments can increase the stats of armor or weapons, but some are more powerful and freeze water when walked over.

Curse Of Vanishing is an enchantment that can apply to any item in Minecraft. It makes the item disappear when the person who applied it dies.

Curse of Vanishing does not look like other enchantments in Minecraft. You cannot apply it or get it from an enchantment tablet.

Items imbued with Curse of Vanishing are able to be removed from the world when a player dies.

To ensure that an item doesn’t vanish, you can use the “gamerule” and set “keepInventory true to make sure.

Players can’t remove the Vanishing Enchantment or Curse from an item using a grindstone.

How to get the Curse of Vanishing Enchantment for Minecraft

1) Chest loot

Players can loot any chest created naturally in Minecraft.

Books and gear from the Curse of Vanishing have a higher chance of being found in the bastion or ruined portal boxes.

2) Fishing

Fishing in Minecraft is a great pastime. These include fish such as raw salmon and pufferfish, as well as “junk” items like string, leather and rotten flesh.

3) Trading

Villagers who are Librarians can trade books infected by Curse of Vanishing to get emeralds and books.

The Cuse of Vanishing in Minecraft is a unique enchantment. This can be irritating rather than helpful.

Best cops and robbers Minecraft servers

There are many Minecraft servers to choose from. The most popular Minecraft server offers popular minigames such as cops and robbers.

Cops & Robbers is a game mode where a group of players plays as a cop while others are robbers. Cops have to stop robbers escaping and bring them to justice.

There are a few excellent minigames servers that offer Cops & Robbers. This list highlights five of the best cops and robbers servers.

1) Purple Prison

IP address:

This Minecraft prison server offers many game modes, including parkour, dropper and maze-events.

This server is also very active and games fill up quickly. Discord is a great place for new friends. It boasts over 55,000 members.

2) Hypixel

IP Address:

Hypixel is the most favored server in Minecraft. It has over 100,000 active users at peak times, something no other Minecraft server can match.

Hypixel’s popularity is due to the selection of minigames called “cops and crims”, a spin-off from the original cops & Robbers game mode.

Hypixel’s spin-off includes many cool features, such as fully functional guns and custom power-ups. To enhance the realistic feel, there is a texture pack that can be used while you play this minigame.

3) MxRoxGTA

IP Address:

Fans of the GTA (Grand Theft Auto), video game series will love MxRoxGTA. This server is themed around the GTA and allows players to play Cops & Robbers.

This server has many great features, including apartments and custom vehicles. There are also many maps to choose from. This server is a fantastic choice for those looking for a Cops & Robbers server.

Good WoW private server?

If you’re looking for private WOW servers you should check out server lists, server lists that allow players to vote for their private WOW servers. Why? Mainly because that’s the one thing that guarantee’s that the server is actually populated.

Private WOW servers:

There are still no questions asked go to private WOW servers, for example Legion server would be one of those, WotLK server and Warmane private WOW server. If you’re looking for something new, something different then you’re going to have to do some research and check out different private WOW servers.

Also consider this, not all private WOW servers are running on the same version, some WOW servers are using older version with expansion packs and newer graphics, while others are using up to date client with latest content found on official WOW servers.

The choice is yours.